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Yuganiki Okkadu Movie Online
Original title: Yuganiki Okkadu
Category Telugu Movies
Year: 2010
Language: Telugu
Director: Sri Raghava
Karthi Siva Kumar, Reemasen, Andriya
Genre Action
Quality DVD
Source Veoh,MegaVideo, ZShare
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The story follows from a 12th century saga, which saw the bloody defeat of the Cholas at the hands of the Pandiyas.  We are told that the Chola king leaves to a far away island in Vietnam, along with the idol of Pandiya's deity.  Centuries later, an archaeologist (Pothan), curios to unravel the mystery, sets upon himself the task of finding the location of the hiding place.  However, he gets missing in the midst.  That's when Anitha (Reema Sen), an officer specially commissioned by a Union Minister to head the expedition to Vietnam to crack the mystery, joins with Lavanya (Andrea), the daughter of the missing archaeologist, and a guide (Karthi), who go on the mission together with some military officers and villagers.

8.30/10 ( 10 Votes )
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