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Watch Dil Chahta Hai Movie Online
Original title: Watch Dil Chahta Hai Movie Online
Category Hindi Movies
Year: 2001
Language: INDIA
Director: Farhan Akhtar
Aamir Khan - Akash Malhotra, Saif Ali Khan - Sameer, Akshaye Khanna - Siddharth Sinha, Preity Zinta - Shalini, Sonali Kulkarni - Pooja
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This movie is entwined with the lives of three friends Akash Malhotra (Aamir Khan), Sameer (Saif Ali Khan), and Siddharth Sinha (Akshaye Khanna). Although their thinking and lifestyle is the same, they prove to be three very different individuals. Akash, who has been sent to live in Sydney, by his parents, does not believe in love and is experiencing romantic upheaval, but an impulsive action lands him a black eye and makes him consider having a life with the beautiful Shalini (Priety Zinta) when he sees her on the flight to Sydney, who is engaged to the charming and handsome Rohit (Ayub Khan). Sameer is a romantic, who will fall in love instantaneously, usually to have his heart broken and his valuables stolen. Sameer's parents want him to marry pretty Pooja (Sonali Kulkarni), but Sameer refuses to marry Pooja, when he learns that Pooja is in love with someone else; at the same time Sameer starts to fall in love with Pooja himself. And Siddharth is an artist, and gets attracted to a much older woman, Tara Jaiswal (Dimple Kapadia), who is also a divorcee, a mother, as well an alcoholic. Tara and Siddharth share the same artistic tendencies.

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