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Original title: Deyyam
Category Telugu Movies
Year: 1996
Director: Ram Gopal Varma
JD ChakraVarthi,Maheshwari
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They are very few good horror movies in Telugu. Ram Gopal Varma's -Deyyam is one such movie. The movie thrives mainly on his technique. A director who has command and control over his technique he has made full use of this special talent of his in this movie, which has no story value. The director/movie promotes the view that whoever dies becomes a spirit. Dr Murali buys a farm house in the outskirts of the town near cemetery and lives there with his young son Chinni, sis-in-law Mahi. The picture starts with the scene in which Chinni is killed by the spirit of a person killed by a spirit. Chinni becomes a spirit and kills the psychiatrist and his mother Sindhu turns into spirit and in turn kills Dr Murali Mohan. The movie end when all the spirits are about to kill Mahi and her friend Narsing.
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