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Velugu Needalu Movie Online
Original title: Velugu Needalu
Category Telugu Movies
Year: 1964
Language: Telugu
Director: Adurthi Subba Rao
ANR, Savitri, Jaggayya
Genre Drama
Quality VCD
Source MegaVideo
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Venkat Ramaiah (SV Rangarao) and Kanaka Durga (Suryakantham) adopted Suguna (Savithri). When they have their own child Varalakshmi, Kanaka Durga's affection towards Suguna diminishes. Vengalappa (Relangi) adopts suguna. She becomes a doctor and loves Chandram (ANR). Chandram develops Tuberculosis and forces Suguna to marry doctor Raghunath (Jaggayya). Dr. Raghunath expires in an accident. Chandram is cured of TB and returns back. Suguna decides to dedicate her life to social work. She convinces Chandram to marry Varalakshmi. Kanaka Durga creates problems in the relations. Suguna corrects them.

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