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Vallabha Movie online
Original title: Vallabha
Category Telugu Movies
Year: 2006
Language: Telugu
Director: Shimbu
Shimbu, Nayanatara, Reema Sen
Genre Drama, Action
Quality DVD
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Source : Veoh, MegaVideo
It’s a classic case of young man falling for an older woman. Vikas alias Vikki is in love with Swapna (Nayantara) but keeps that a secret but when she comes to know about it she refuses to marry him and agrees to another alliance.
Ganga (Reema Sen) and Vikki had a past, they were in love when they were in school but Vikki dumps her unable to adjust to her sadist mentality. The lady returns to win his love all over again after knowing that Vikki has set his eyes on Swapna. Will Swapna and Vikki ever meet? That’s obviously there in the climax.
7.54/10 ( 13 Votes )
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