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Tum Mile Movie Online
Original title: TumMile
Category Hindi Movies
Year: 2009
Language: Hindi
Director: Kunal Deshmukh
Emraan Hashmi, Soha Ali Khan
Genre Drama
Quality DVD
Source VideoBB, VideoZer, Veoh
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The film is about Sanjana (Soha Ali Khan) and Akshay (Emraan Hashmi), who belong to two diametrically different spectrums of society. While Sanjana is the only child of a rich businessman, with a secure job, Akshay is a struggling artist, a typical case of opposites attracting. So far, so good, however, things go out of hand when they move in together. He loses his inspiration and is absolutely penniless while she pays all the bills. Each goes through their own hell and insecurities within the relationship but is never able to convey it to the other. They are like two hurting souls, who only further exacerbate each other's wounds every time they collide. Inevitably, they drift apart, break up, only to meet again on the fateful day, on a flight. Both are flying in to Mumbai and arrive to a city besieged with heavy showers, traffic snarls and flooding. The two go their separate ways, till the rain becomes too heavy and Akshay decides to go out in search of Sanjana. They find each other and navigate the city, surviving the odds and, in the process, rediscover their love for each other.

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