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Thriller Telugu Movie Online
Original title: Thriller
Category Telugu Movies
Year: 2009
RK, Aziz Nassir, Nayeem
Genre Thriller
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In the last few years, comedy films made in the Hyderabadi dialect have carved out a niche for themselves. But with the latest Hyderabadi offering, Thriller the filmmakers have attempted a different genre, that they hope will both scare and amuse the Hyderabadi viewer.

According to R K, Actor & Producer, Thriller, "Sixty percent of the film is comedy and rest 40 per cent is adventure and horror, which is very scary.''Thriller follows the highly successful Angrez and Hyderabad Nawabswith their USP being the Hyderabadi Hindi - a language distinct from Bollywood Hindi, Bhojpuri and Telugu.


8.50/10 ( 2 Votes )
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