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Three Telugu Movie DVD Online
Original title: Three
Category Telugu Movies
Year: 2008
Language: Telugu
Director: Sekhar Suri
Rajiv Kanakala, Rishi, Santhi Chandra, Urvasi Sharma
Genre Thriller
Quality DVD
Source Veoh, MegaVideo, VideoBB
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Nisha (Urvashi Sharma) is haunted by bizarre sounds and a voice that keeps warning that would kill her. Terrified Nisha seeks help from her neighbor SriRam (Rishi) who is a photojournalist with National Geographic Channel. He takes her to a psychiatrist (Harshavardhan) and diagnosis reveals that Nisha’s condition is normal. However, docs come to conclusion that she might be suffering from schizophrenia. On other hand, Nisha reveals that the voice she keeps listening is similar to that of Shankar whom she met on a trip to an island. Now, Nisha, Sriram and the psychiatrist set for finding Shankar in an island forest. After settling in a hotel in the jungle, they meet an eccentric person named Rajeev (Rajeev Kanakala). The rest of the drama is unraveling the suspense of how Nisha is connected with Rajeev, Shankar and others

3.93/10 ( 29 Votes )
Hits: 32441
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