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Seetharamudu Movie DVD Online
Original title: Seetharamudu
Category Telugu Movies
Year: 2006
Director: Shyam Prasad
Genre Drama
Quality DVD
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Seetaramudu (Sivaji) is in search of a job after completing graduation but he is still irresponsible. One day, he saves dreaded don Ramulanna’s  (Rahul Dev) loving son Vamsee from murder attempt. He father Rambabu (Ahuti Prasad) is Ramulanna’s advisor. Seetaramudu falls in love with a girl by name Anjali (Ankita). Vamsee also loves her but doesn’t reveal his feelings to her. She tells him that she is in live with another man by the time he reveals his love. At the meantime, Vamsee meets an accident on the road. This makes Ramulanna to give Anjali to his son as a birthday gift. However, he is surprised to know that she is engaged to Rambabu's son. He threatens her sister Hema (Hema) and Suryam (Surya) to cancel the earlier engagements and let Anjali marry his son.


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