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Seenu Vasanthi Lakshmi Movie Online
Original title: Seenu Vasanthi Lakshmi
Category Telugu Movies
Year: 2004
Language: Telugu
Director: E Srinivas
RP Patnaik, Priya, Navneet, Prakash Raj, Giri Babu
Genre Drama
Quality DVD
Source VideoBB, Veoh
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Seenu (RP Patnaik) is a blind man and a sole bread earner for a family consisting of five members. Vasanthi (Priya) is Seenu's sister and she is very close to him. Lakshmi (Navneet) is a dumb woman who is a close buddy to Seenu and Vasanthi since their childhood. Seenu and Lakshmi are in love and they want to get married as soon as possible.Appala Naidu (Prakash Raj) is a Good Samaritan in that village. He takes Seenu to an eye doctor. That doctor says that Seenu has all chances to see the world if a pair of eyes are donated to Seenu. Lakshmi comes forward to donate her eyes to Seenu. Meanwhile, a political acquaintance of Appala Naidu eyes these two girls Vasanthi and Lakshmi. One fine day, he rapes both of them and threatens that Seenu would be killed if they tell this fact to anybody. Would Seenu come to know about it? What is the plight of these two girls?? Watch it yourself to know the climax!!

9.48/10 ( 21 Votes )
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