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Remo Movie DVD Online
Original title: Remo
Category Telugu Movies
Year: 2005
Director: Solomon
Vikram, Sneha
Genre Drama
Quality DVD Rip
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Shanmugam (Nassar) and his son Raja (Vikram) live in Hong Kong. Shanmugam had left his hometown 25 years ago due to a dispute with his parents for marrying a girl against their will. But now he is a widower. Raja and his father meet with an accident in which Shanmugam is very badly hurt and tests in the hospital reveal that he has only a few days to leave. Raja who shares a deep bond with his father decides to make the remaining days of his father memorable. So he requests his father to take a trip to their hometown Karaikudi and patch up the differences with his grand father. The two leave for Karaikudi. Shanmugam's father (Janakaraj) and relatives welcome him and Raja. Raja wins over the hearts of every one in the family with his lively nature. Shanmugam is also pleased by the affection showered on him by his family members especially by his father.



4.86/10 ( 7 Votes )
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