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Ramudu Bheemudu Movie Online
Original title: Ramudu Bheemudu
Category Telugu Classics , Telugu Movies
Year: 1964
Language: Telugu
Director: Chanakya
NTR (in a double role), SV Rangarao, Rajanala, Relangi, Ramana Reddy, Jamuna, L. Vijaya Lakshmi, Girija
Genre Comedy
Quality VCD
Source MegaVideo, Veoh, Divx, VideoBB
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Ramudu (Ramarao) is an innocent young man in the guardianship of his uncle Panakala Rao (Rajanala), who is both crooked and wicked. The uncle is ready to usurp the property of his nephew Ramudu, and is just waiting for an appropriate opportunity. In the meanwhile, he is made to attend to all the domestic chores. Ramudu, unable to bear the torture, runs away from home.

Bheema Rao (Bheemudu) is interested in staging plays which his mother strongly disapproves. After he comes back home from a stage play, he is taken to task by his mother. In order to escape the wrath of his mother, Bheemudu flees his home and lands in the nearby city.

Both of them enter the same hotel and unexpectedly interchange their places. Thus Ramudu entering the house of Bheemudu, falls in love with Santhi and Bheemudu, who now takes the place of Ramudu falls in love with Leela. Bheemudu, who is in the place of Ramudu, now understands that he has to bring Panakala Rao to senses so that the property that really belongs to Ramudu, should be restored to him. Ramudu, now in the role of Bheemudu, starts enjoying the love and affection of the new family members. However, Panakala Rao comes to know of this change of places and attempts to take advantage of this situation. At the end Ramudu and Bheemudu turn out to be twins who got separated during the Godavari Pushkarams. All ends well in the film ending with Ramudu tying the knot with Santhi and Bheemudu with Leela.

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