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Ragini MMS Movie Online
Original title: Ragini MMS
Category Hindi Movies
Year: 2011
Language: Hindi
Director: Pawan Kripalani
Kainaz Motivala, Raj Kumar Yadav
Genre Drama
Quality DVD
Source VideoBB, VideoZer
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A young couple Uday (Rajkumar Yadav) and Ragini (Kainaz Motivala) visit a friend's farmhouse, which happens to be haunted. This one-line idea, more or less, summarizes the entire story of the film. The entire runtime of the film happens to be video footage, either shot on handheld camcorder or through hidden cameras. While the haunted house setting and the concept of a couple filming themselves on camcorder are derivates of Paranormal Activity , the film seems to seek more inspiration from the Indian counterpart Love Sex aur Dhoka (coming from the same banner). It's basically an extension to the second story from the episodic LSD where the boy (played by same actor – Rajkumar Yadav) plans to film an explicit video of his sexual escapade with the girl. That brings MMS in the title and theme, though it adds no new dimension to the story.


9.00/10 ( 16 Votes )
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