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RIDE Telugu Movie Online
Original title: Ride
Category Telugu Movies
Year: 2009
Language: Telugu
Director: Ramesh Varma
Nani, Tanish, Shweta Basu Prasad, Aksha, Adarsh
Genre Drama
Quality TVRip
Source Veoh, MegaVideo, VideoBB
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Mahesh (Tanish) is the son of a just retired middle class government officer. He is a responsible guy and shares the responsibly of running the family. He gets an offer to work as a collection agent in a chit fund company. But it requires him to own a bike. He buys the bike with her mother savings. Arjun (Nani) is a carefree youngster who is passionate about bikes. His dream is to own a bike. But his miser father never buys him one. Mahesh’s bike is stolen one day and the next day Arjun is riding on that bike. The rest of the story is all about what happened to the bike and how they resolved the conflict.

8.73/10 ( 64 Votes )
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