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Premikula Roju Movie Online
Original title: Premikula Roju
Category Telugu Movies
Year: 1999
Language: INDIA
Director: Kathir
Kunal(Raja), Sonali Bendre(Roja), Nazar(RamaKrishna)
Genre Love Story
Quality DVD
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A teenage lad, Raja, from the interiors of AP lands up in VT to attend an interview for the prestigious management school in India "RamaChandra Institute of Management(RIM)". But what he lack is financial background. His father is blacksmith, who can't afford Raja studies. Raja go to Nariman Point and rests on a cement bench on the sea face with his 'trunk pette'. He slips into a sound sleep as the sea breeze make him comfortable. An old man(Nazar) spots this talented guy and manages a seat for Raja in RIM. As you have guessed by now, RamaChandra, the founder of RIM is none but the old man (Nazar) who spotted Raja....Watch Movie Online

8.41/10 ( 27 Votes )
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