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Pathala Bhairavi Movie online
Original title: Pathala Bhairavi Movie online
Category Telugu Classics , Telugu Movies
Year: 1951
Language: INDIA
Director: K.V Reddy
N.T Rama Rao, S.V Ranga Rao, Malathi, Balakrishna, others
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The movie is about Thota Ramudu (N T R) expresses his desire to his friend Anji (BalaKrishna) he want to marry Indumathi (Malathi). This story consists of adventures by Thota ramudu. Nepali manthrikudu;(SV Ranga Rao) searches for a young man who is daring . Meanwhile Indumathi's father puts a condition that he will give his daughter to the man who is as wealthy. Nepala Manthrikudu preys;Thota Ramudu; by showing him his powers. How Thota Ramudu wins Indumathi and also save himself from Nepala Mantridkudu is the rest of the movie.


6.55/10 ( 22 Votes )
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