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Narasimha Naidu Movie Online
Original title: Narasimha Naidu
Category BalaKrishna Movies , Telugu Movies
Year: 2001
Language: Telugu
Director: B Gopal
BalaKrishna, K Vishwanath, Simran, Asha Saini, Preethi Jingyani
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Balakrishna opens a dance school in one of those hill stations. Preeti Jhangiani, who lives with her uncle Jayaprakash Reddy, comes to learn dance from Balakrishna and, yes, falls in love with him. But the latter does not show even an iota of interest. Meanwhile, Preeti's marriage is fixed with her cousin much against her wishes, despite her making it known to her father Mukesh Rishi that she is in love with Balakrishna.

Sensing that he might be drawn into violence, Balakrishna closes the school and leaves the place. But he is closely followed by Preeti who gets on to the same train. Mukesh Rishi sends trucks full of goons to put an end to Balakrishna and bring his daughter back. But when they meet Balakrishna, they drop their guns and run for their lives.

Balakrishna is a famous faction leader of Rayalaseema who dedicated his life to put an end to the nefarious activities of Mukesh Rishi. Losing his wife Simran in the process, he renounces violence and leaves the place to honor his wife's last wish. And Mukesh Rishi, on coming to know that his daughter's lover and his bete noir are the same, crosses swords with Balakrishna in a fresh bout of violence.

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