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MrugaRaju Movie Online
Original title: MrugaRaju
Category Telugu Movies , Chiranjeevi Movies
Year: 2001
Language: Telugu
Director: Gunasekhar
Chiranjeevi, Simran, Sanghavi, Nagababu
Genre Action, Drama
Quality DVD
Source YouTube, MegaVideo
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There is a village called Adavipalli in the midst of the jungle where the land is having lot of ores. Since it is located between two hills, the government wanted to construct a railway bridge to gap the commutation and make the transfer of goods easier. In that jungle, there lives a man-eating lion. The latest victim of lions havoc is the death of the chief engineer who is constructing the rail bridge. The Railway department asks Aishwarya (Simran) to go on the mission of constructing the bridge.

9.58/10 ( 12 Votes )
Hits: 5836
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