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Mosagallaku Mosagadu Movie Online
Original title: Mosagallaku Mosagadu
Category Telugu Movies
Year: 1971
Language: Telugu
Director: K. S. R. Das
Krishna Vijaya Nirmala
Genre Action, Drama
Quality VCD
Source Veoh
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Amarvedu dynasty was attacked by Britishers at the time of Bobbili war in South India. Before the Britishers are about to attack the dynasty, a couple of friends Daanaala Dharmayya (Gummadi) and Pagadaala Subbayya hides the treasure in a cave of five doors, very far away. They lock the treasure with five keys and the two friends separate, so as to make the key unavailable to the Britishers. Pagadala Subbayya escapes to Gadwal and Daanala Dharmayya escapes to the court of Kurnool. Krishna Prasad, who fights for equality of the poor with rich, against the new government, finds a highway robber Nakkajittula Naaganna (Naga bhushanam) captured by a couple of men. The government announces that one who captures Nakkajittula Naaganna, will be awarded with 1000 varahas (gold coins). With a plan to earn money and help the poor people, Krishna Prasad secures him with ropes and submits him at the court. Nakkajittula Naaganna is made to sit on horse and he is tied to a two-pole gibbet at the court. Krishna Prasad, hiding behind a tree little far away, shoots the ropes of the gibbet, making Nakkajittula Naaganna to escape along with him. They share the loot later. With the loot obtained from the government, Krishna helps the poor

9.63/10 ( 30 Votes )
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