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Money Movie Online
Original title: Money Movie Online
Category Telugu Movies
Year: 1991
Language: INDIA
Director: Siva Nageswara Rao
Jaya Sudha, Chinna, Renuka Sahani, J.D Chakravarthy, Paresh Rawal
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Chinna and J.D Chakravarthi are unemployed youth and chinna loves his house owner daughter Renuka Sahani. Both wanted to get marry , but chinna has no job . Beside is Jaya Sudha’s house  and her husband Paresh Rawal is after her money . Paresh Rawal takes huge amount as debt and they treaten him , and give 1 week gap. Here Chinna and J. D wants money to pay for the job as a bribe. Paresh Rawal wants to kill his wife , but Chinna and J.D Kidnap her and demand for money. But Paresh Rawal say he will give double money, if they kill her. The story comes to know to Renuka and they admit this to Jaya Sudha. The rest of the movie is how they risk Paresh Rawal in the case of Jaya Sudha Murder.

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8.00/10 ( 2 Votes )
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