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Meghamala O Pellam Gola Movie DVD Online
Original title: Meghamala O Pellam Gola
Category Telugu Movies
Year: 2005
Santhosh Pawan, Tanu Roy, Gopi, Soni Charista, Krishna Bhagawan, Kondavalasa, Balaji, Apoorva
Genre Drama
Quality DVD
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Sanjay (Santosh) works in a music album making company he is supposed to be the genius of the place. He is imaginative creator. They get a contract from somebody to produce music albums on particular subject. They publish and advertisement seeking applications from enthusiasts. In response one Madhulatha joins the company. Sanjay is so impressed with her performance he develops soft corner for her and starts loving her.

Then in another angle another story is developed, centering on Sanjay. A girl is brought in and forced into the house of Sanjay. Her name is Meghamala (Tanu Roy). She was practically saved from being carried to Dubai. During her stay she develops interest in Sanjay and both fall in love with each other. But there Madhulatha too loves him. Misunderstandings develop and one of them has to exit. How the story culminates is the issue that keeps the film alive.


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