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Mayuri Movie Online
Original title: Mayuri
Category Telugu Movies
Year: 1984
Language: Telugu
Director: Singeetham Srinivasa Rao
Sudha Chandran, sudhakar, Narayana P.L.
Genre Drama
Quality DVD Rip
Source Veoh
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The real story of a classical dancer, who loses her leg in an accident and fights her way back as a dancer portays a real-time inspiring story of dance.She hails from a South Indian family as a result of which she was very much academically inclined. She did her B.A from Mithibai College, Mumbai and followed it up with M.A in Economics. While returning from there to the South she met with an accident in which she had to get her right leg amputated. She believes that was the toughest time of her life but soon she overcame her disability with the help of a prosthetic 'Jaipur foot' to become one of the most highly acclaimed dancers of the Indian subcontinent. Her decision of coming back to the dancing arena after a brief gap of two years was met by a thunderous applause.

9.31/10 ( 16 Votes )
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