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Manmada Banam Movie Online
Original title: Manmada Banam
Category Telugu Movies
Year: 2010
Language: Telugu
Director: K S Ravi Kumar
Kamal Haasan, Trisha, Madhavan
Genre Comedy
Quality DVD
Source VideoBB, VideoZer
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Set on the backdrop of Europe, the story starts with Nisha (Trisha), a noted actress who breaks up with her boyfriend Madangopal (Madhavan) after getting engaged and comes to Europe along with her friend Deepa (Sangeetha) and her kids.Apparently, Madan suspects Nisha of having affairs and since he wants to prove a point, he hires Major Bhushan (Kamal) to spy on Nisha and provide evidence so that he can come clean. Bhushan has his own commitments in the form of his friend’s (Ramesh Aravind) chemotherapy and hence keen on earning money by any means.What starts as a tale of detective work takes a different turn for Bhushan and connects him with his heart and also his past. What are those twists forms the rest of the story

7.14/10 ( 7 Votes )
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