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Mahanadi Movie Online
Original title: Mahanadi
Category Telugu Movies
Year: 1994
Director: Santhana Bharathi
Kamal Hasan, Sukanya
Genre Drama
Quality VCD
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Kamalhaasan is an ordinary man who leads a happy life with his son, daughter and his mother-in-law in his native village (His wife is dead). A friend visits him one time and somehow he gets a desire to earn more money and become rich. He happens to meet Hanifa who asks him to come to Madras and invest in a chit fund. Kamal blindly believes what Hanifa says and he goes to Madras and invests his hard-earned money in the chit fund. Needless to say, he loses his money .The worst part is he is accused of swindling all the money of the chit fund agency and lands up in jail. When he is in jail, his mother-in-law dies. Not knowing what to do, his daughter seeks help of Hanifa. Hanifa takes advantage of the situation and sends her to a rich man who has a weakness for young girls. Finally, she lands up in a brothel in Calcutta. Meanwhile, Kamal meets with Poornam Vishwanathan who is the father of the girl (Sukanya) he is going to marry. His son also gets lost and lands up in a nomadic acrobat troupe. Years pass by and Kamal comes out of jail. The rest of the story deals with how he rescues his children and how he takes revenge on those who are responsible for the plight of his children.


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