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Maa Annayya Bangaram Movie Online
Original title: Maa Annayya Bangaram
Category Telugu Movies
Year: 2010
Language: Telugu
Director: Jonnalagadda Srinivas
Rajasekhar, Kamalini Mukherjee
Genre Drama
Quality Cam
Source MegaVideo
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Sivaji (Rajasekhar) is a mechanic who works hard and comes up in life. He lives only for his brothers (Rohit, Aditya Om, Yashwanth, Raj Kalyan, Ping Pong, Master Bharath) and wants to see them successful as he challenges his uncle (Sayaji).

In this process, he also refuses to get married. Even the brothers are equally attached to Sivaji. However, persuasion from brothers and uncle Parameswara Rao (Jayaprakash Reddy) makes Sivaji agree for marriage.

The story takes a turn with the arrival of Manjula (Kamalini), both Sivaji and Manjula like each other the first time they meet. However, the problem is Manju’s elder sister (Jhansi) has a tough time with her married life living in a joint family so she is adamant that Manjula should go to a nuclear family. Parameswara Rao lies that Sivaji has only one brother and the marriage takes place. However, the truth gets revealed soon and this brings problems. What happens after that forms the rest of the story.

9.96/10 ( 26 Votes )
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