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Kushi Movie Online
Original title: Kushi
Category Pawan Kalyan , Telugu Movies
Year: 2001
Language: Telugu
Director: SJ Surya
Pawan Kalyan, Bhumika, Vijay Kumar, Mumtaj, Sivaji, Ali
Genre Love Story
Quality DVD
Source MegaVideo, FLV, Youku
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The film opens when Madhumati -alias Madhu- (Bhoomika Chawla) and Siddatha -alias Siddhu (Pawan Kalyan) are born. As babies they meet in a shopping complex. When Siddhu receives visa for Canada, he takes off. In the drive the airport he lands in a car accident. He becomes the acceptor of Madhu's blood. When they reach twenty, they meet in a temple. They become good friends, while also helping Madhu's friend Shanti and Siddu's friend Babu who are in love. Shanti's father is a big goon, and Madhu and Siddhu make ensure Shanti and Babu do not reveal their love to Shanti's father. One day while Madhu is studying for exams, Siddhu happens to come. Madhu's sari moves in the breeze, revealing her navel. Siddhu ogles at it. Madhu accuses Siddhu of ogling, and Siddhu denies. An argument breaks out. They end their friendship. After summer holidays Shanti's dad finds out about Babu. Madhu and Siddhu meet again for the sake of their friend's love .


8.01/10 ( 117 Votes )
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