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Kothi Mooka Movie Online
Original title: Kothi Mooka
Category Telugu Movies
Year: 2010
Language: Telugu
Director: AVS
Krishnudu, Shraddha Arya
Genre Comedy
Quality DVD
Source VideoBB, MegaVideo, VideoZer
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Ramana (Krishnudu), is the only son of Akula Appa Rao (Jayaprakash Reddy), an unbeaten, corrupt MLA of Faisalabad (in Hyderabad) from last 20 years. Ramana is struggling to complete his final year graduation from last five years with full support from his mother Jambu (Kovai Sarala). Ramana has a small flashback where in he loved classmate Lavanya (Sharddha Arya) who completed her graduation and left the college. Coming to present, Lavanya arrives in the same college as lecturer and comes to know about the love of Ramana through his mother Jambu. Lavanya has a difficulty in accepting the love of Ramana and that is her father Anji (AVS), a Mushti (Beggar). How can son of a MLA marry daughter of a beggar. As elections are near, Appa Rao knowing this love story sends goons to kill Anji but fortunately he is saved.

8.43/10 ( 14 Votes )
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