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Kidnap Telugu Movie Online
Original title: Kidnap
Category Telugu Movies
Year: 2006
Director: Singapuli
Surya, Jyothika, Satyan, Roja
Genre Drama
Quality CDRip
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Balaiah (Suriya) is a tourist guide and also a petty thief. Satyaraj (Satyan) is his best friend. On the advice of Satyaraj, Balaiah decides to loot a big house so that they need not worry about food for some time. Though he is a thief, Balaiah is good at heart. Balaiah enters a house to loot for the first time. Accidentally, it happens to be house of popular heroine Jyothika. Being a fan of that heroine, Balaiah returns the money, but get caught by the police. Later, when Balaiah was accompanying the tourists, Jyothika tells those tourists that he was a thief. So that he loses his income. In order to teach her a lesson, he frightens her by appearing in various places. To get rid of him Jyothika's manager Krishnamurthy lodges a complaint with police claiming that Balaiah attempted rape on Jyothika. This irks Balaiah, who after his return from three month jail term, kidnaps Jyothika and keeps her in the bungalow of a police officer. But he makes it clear to her that he is not going to harm her but keep her in house arrest for seven days. During the period, Jyothika realises how good Balaiah is. They release Jyothika and she again gets kidnapped by her manager and the police officer demanding Rs 50 lakh for her release. The police officer tries to keep her in the same place where Balaiah and Satyaraj kept her for seven days. The duo gets shocked at this and bashes the goons. Finally, Jyothika calls the police commissioner and returns home. The film ends on a happy note.

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