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Jodi Movie Online
Original title: Jodi
Category Telugu Movies
Year: 1999
Language: Telugu
Director: Praveenkanth
Prashanth, Simran
Genre Love Story
Quality DVD
Source MegaVideo
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Kannan (Prasanth), a musical instrument technician, falls head over heels in love with Gayathri (Simran). Gayathri attends the local music school-her career choice being dictated by the need to setup obligatory showdowns between the lead pair! As always Gayathri's hate blossoms to love after a couple of song and dance sequences- one of them at the usual "music competition". Venkittu (Vijaikumar) and Rudramurthy (Nasser) play the fathers of Kannan and Gayathri and complete the assembly line. Venkittu is a music critic firmly believing in his right to decide his future. Rudramurthy, a marriage registrar, is the anti-cupid incarnate with a flair for stopping love marriages that come to him. Kannan and Gayathri decide to trade places in their respective families to win their hearts- a very original idea indeed!

7.10/10 ( 10 Votes )
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