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Jai sambasiva Movie Online
Original title: Jai sambasiva
Category Telugu Movies
Year: 2009
Language: INDIA
Director: Perarasu
Arjun, Sania Vakil, Sai Kumar, Pooja
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Eeshwar (Arjun) protects his village from the revolting acts of the heinous local MLA, Bhujangam (Saikumar), in ways that make his mother (Sudha) hyperventilate in anxiety and fear. Apparently, she lost her husband to this pattern of bloodshed and violence in the name of justice, and she doesn't want her son too to die.

So she takes him to a swamiji (Arjun again) in Srisailam, who urges him to look after the safety and welfare of his mom and sis first before hoping to enter 'Executive Local God of my village' in his CV. Eeshwar retorts that all this preaching is fine, but can the swami live a non-violent life in Eeshwar's circumstances, as Eeshwar, for 3 months? Especially when the villains haven't bathed in 3 generations?

So the swami takes up the challenge and the two exchange clothes. The new Eeshwar is initially a disaster according to everyone who's used to him, what with his willingness to spout aphorisms at the drop of a hat, and his self-assured non-resistance to Bhujanga's iniquities. But his mother is pleased. And his sister isn't - she loved him more when he was the fighter-types.

Man of God or not, one would think that anyone preaching non-violence would reform the violent guys by showing that brains are superior to brawn. In Jai Sambasiva, the swamiji starts out by getting beaten up brutally, and also showing that he is truly a man who's beyond all the petty hatred and violence. And soon, he is just shown as having superior fighting skills than even Eeshwar. He can suffocate goons by simply squeezing their hands, he can fling heavy-weights to the next orbit, and he can make the sun rise in the west...Watch Movie Online

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