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Inkosari Movie Online
Original title: Inkosari
Category Telugu Movies
Year: 2010
Language: Telugu
Director: Suman Pathuri
Raja, Manjari Fadnis, Richa Pallod, Ravi varma, 'Vennela' Kishore
Genre Drama
Quality DVD
Source FLV, MegaVideo
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Ajay (Raja), Shruthi (Manjari Phadnis), Deepa (Richa Pallod), Bala Bokkala (Vennela Kishore), Sudhakar Reddy (Ravi Varma) and Vicky (Saandip) are the best friends in an Engineering college. After their farewell party and before parting their ways, all the six take an oath to get reunited every year on the same day and at the same venue, that is farm house of Sudhakar Reddy. Years pass by and all of them are successful in their careers but none of them have the time to get together for the sake of their old friendship.

After 7 years, Ajay is back from USA and arrange the reunion of his old gang at the same venue. They are all set to cherish the old memories with in this outing of 7 days. Ajay and Shruthi are in love; Bala and Sudhakar Reddy are married but have problems in married lives; Vicky and Deepa are lovers during their college days but get separated for the sake of their parents and Deepa is married now.

7.43/10 ( 7 Votes )
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