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Hero Telugu Movie Online
Original title: HERO
Category Telugu Movies
Year: 2008
Language: Telugu
Director: G.V. Sudhakar Naidu (debut)
Nitin, Bhavana, Nagababu, Ramyakrishna, Kota Srinivasa Rao, Brahmanandam, Babumohan
Genre Action
Quality DVD
Source Youku
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Radha Krishna (Nitin) is the son of the Commissioner of Police Nagendra Naidu (Nagababu), who has the support of his mother Sarala (Kovai Sarala) for his careless attitude. The Home Minister of the State (Babumohan) passes a G.O. that allows every honest individual to join the police force so as to bring in more people into maintaining the law and order of the land. A whole mob of people (Sravana Sandhya, Brahmanandam, Satyam Rajesh, Tirupathi Prakash, Tarzan, Priyanka, etc.) including a homely Krishnaveni (Bhavana) queue up at the Police Academy headed by (Ramyakrishna). Eventually, it's learnt that one of those who joined the Academy thus is a naxalite on the run! Was it wrong to allow everyone into the police force?

9.27/10 ( 26 Votes )
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