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Hawas Movie Online
Original title: Hawas
Category Hindi Movies
Year: 2004
Language: Hindi
Director: Karan Razdan
Meghna Naidu,Shawar Ali,Tarun Arora
Genre Drama
Quality DVD
Source VideoBB, VideoZer
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Raj [Shawar Ali] and Sapna [Meghna Naidu] is a young couple living in Dubai. With ambitious dreams of moving to the U.S., Raj immerses himself completely in his work, thereby sidelining his marital life in the process. Sapna starts missing the passion that once existed in their relationship.

Sapna accidentally meets painter cum playboy Ajay [Tarun Arora], who realizes all about her loneliness and exploits it to his advantage. Sapna seems obsessed with Raj and the passion continues to ignite with each passing day.

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