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Hanumanthu Movie Online
Original title: Hanumanthu
Category Telugu Movies
Year: 2006
Language: Telugu
Director: Chandra Mahesh
Srihari, VijyaChandar, Ranganath, Pradeep Rawat, KR Vijaya, Madhu Sharma, Pinky Sarkar
Genre Action
Quality DVD
Source YouTube
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The story is about the eponymous Hanumanthu (Srihari), a simpleton. A man of huge strength but little guile. He lives with his grandmother (K R Vijaya) in a remote village. In the village, Krishnamurthy (Pradeep Rawat) calls the shots as he is a revered freedom fighter. But there is an other side to him. Nobody in the village knows about. Meanwhile, Hanumanthu falls in love with his uncle’s daughter Sathyvathi (Madhu Sharma). She is a wannabe beauty queen.

In that quest, she takes off to Hyderabad and Hanumanthu accompanies her. In the city, Hanumanthu runs into Krishnamurthy in a quaint situation. Hanumanthu also gets to Seetharamaiah (Vijaya Chander). The latter knows the true picture of Krishnamurthy, and also reveals the details of Hanumanthu’s father Hanumanthiah (Srihari). He is the the real freedom fighter and Krishnamoorthy after usurping that position from him had also murdered him.

4.83/10 ( 12 Votes )
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