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Ghungroo Movie Online
Original title: Ghungroo
Category Hindi Movies
Year: 1983
Language: Hindi
Director: Ram P. Sethi
Smita Patil, Shashi Kapoor, Kunal Goswami
Genre Drama
Quality DVD
Source VideoBB
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While on his deathbed, the Emperor promises that his Senapati, Vikram Singh, will be treated like his son, and he will get married to a woman from a royal family. He also asks Vikram to obey every wish and whim of his wife, Ranimaa, to which Vikram agrees to. A few moments later the emperor passes away. After the formal mourning period is over, Ranimaa announces that she would like Vikram to marry Princess Priya. Vikram agrees to this, and soon Priya and he are married with great pomp and ceremony. After this marriage, Priya learns that Vikram really loves a prostitute named Kesarbai, and has only married her as he had promised to obey every wish and whim of Ranimaa. She also finds out that Kesar and Vikram had a baby girl as a result of this relationship. She complains to Ranimaa, and Ranimaa asks Kesar to take her child and leave this region, which she does. Years later, Ranimaa's second son meets with an attractive young woman named Renu, and both fall in love. Their alliance is frowned upon as Renu is the daughter of a prostitute, and has never known who her biological father is, though her mother lives with a man named Suraj. Little do they know that the past will be re-visited, changing everyone's lives and outlooks forever.

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