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Final Destination2 Online in Telugu
Original title: Final Destination2
Category Telugu Movies
Year: 2003
Director: David R. Ellis
Ali Larter, A.J. Cook, Michael Landes
Genre Thriller
Quality DVD Rip
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Whilst heading onto the main road, Kimberly Corman (Cook) has a vision of a huge car accident. Halting up the traffic, Kimberly is horrified when the accident actually happens. Kimberly links the occurrence with a similar event a year earlier. Researching up on Clear Rivers (Larter)m Kimberly discovers that death's pattern has been disturbed, meaning everyone who was originally supposed to die, will now encounter a freak accident. Including her! Kimberly and the rest of the survivors, must work with Clear to try and stop Death from repeating it's process

1.86/10 ( 7 Votes )
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