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Fakira Movie Online
Original title: Fakira
Category Hindi Movies
Year: 1976
Language: Hindi
Director: C.P. Dixit
Shashi Kapoor, Shabana Azmi
Genre Drama
Quality VCD
Source VideoBB
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Young brothers Vijay and Ajay watch helplessly as their shanty house burns down with their father and ailing mother unable to escape from the flames. Vijay and Ajay are subsequently separated, and Vijay makes his living as a career criminal with a difference - he only robs the rich to provide for the poor. Vijay is now known as Fakira, and he works together with his partners Popat and Neelam. One day he comes to the aid of a damsel in distress, Geeta, and takes her to their hideout, subsequently both fall in love, and get married quietly. Then criminal don, Chimanbhai, perturbed by Fakira's thefts, recruits a hit-man named Toofan to abduct or possibly kill Fakira by any and all means. Fakira unknowingly befriends Toofan. The trusting Fakira does not know that the woman he has married is the daughter of the Police Commissioner, and is herself a Plainclothes Policewoman assigned to arrest and bring him to justice; and that Toofan is none other than his younger brother,

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