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Erra Samudram Movie Online
Original title: Erra Samudram
Category Telugu Movies
Year: 2008
Language: Telugu
Director: Narayana Murthy
Narayana Murthy
Genre Drama
Quality DVD
Source MegaVideo, VideoBB
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Shankar (R Narayana Murty) is basically a lawyer from a lower-middle class family. He has a broad mind and always supports the working class. Once a representative from an MNC lures a ruling politician and minister that the state can prosper and earn more revenue by setting up Special Economic Zones and by giving permission to excavate the huge mineral resources in the country.The politician agrees to that and orders seizure of assigned lands to excavate minerals. All the lands are being cultivated by poor farmers. Hence Shankar opposes the privatisation of various government companies and also the excavation of minerals by MNCs and their export to other countries.

A medico, a software engineer, a gold-medallist in MA Telugu literature and a farmer join hands with him in the fight against the government policies. The ruling party leader tries to crush their movement by ordering firing at the people, who are staging a peaceful protest. An opposition leader supports the movement. He promises that he would cancel the lease agreement of MNCs if his party is elected to the Assembly. Believing his words, they get his party elected but he too ignores the promise and continues the faulty policies of earlier government. This irks the committee set up to safeguard the mineral resources, led by Shankar. In the climax, Shankar and all the villagers surround the minister, the opposition leader, the DCP and other officials, who are supporting the privatisation and wants to bury them alive. The film ends with a message that the land should be used for cultivation and to raise crop and not to excavate the mineral resources.

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Erra sainyam is a revolutionary story . R. narayana Murthy and his fellow members are suffered by the landlords of the village and powerty. So for their rights they go against the landlords and gets the lands back is the rest of the movie. ...

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