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Dulha Mil Gaya Movie Online
Original title: Dulha Mil Gaya
Category Hindi Movies
Year: 2010
Language: Hindi
Director: Mudassar Aziz
Fardeen Khan, Sushmita Sen, Shah Rukh Khan
Genre Drama
Quality DVD
Source Veoh
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Settled in Trinidad and Tobago, Tej Dhanraj aka Donsai (Fardeen) is a rich playboy who lives to party hard and have fun with the most attractive gals minus in commitment. His only good female friend is the hot shot super model Shimmer (Sushmita Sen). Donsai hopes of leading a fun life ahead as well comes crashing down when his late father’s will is declared by his lawyer Mr. Vakil (Vivek Vaswani). A clause in the will makes it compulsory for Donsai to get married to his father’s friend’s daughter living in a Punjab village if he wants to inherit the huge riches of his father running into 5 Billion Dollars. A reluctant Donsai only agrees for the same when Vakil suggests him a loophole. So he marries the Punjab small town girl Samarpreet Singh (Ishita Sharma) in quick court marriage and comes back to Trinidad minus her. He stops any communication with her but dutifully keeps sending a fat cheque every month end to her family. Longing for him, the sweet and simple Samarpreet then decides to go to Trinidad herself. But on landing at his doorstep she is in for a cultural shock and is stunned to see Donsai having fun with other females. She is even insulted and thrown away from the house by his bodyguards even before they both meet. Following her accident she lands up in Shimmer’s house. The snooty, high society girl Shimmer at first detests her but after hearing her story she decides to help her. How Shimmer manages to help Samarpreet woo Donsai back by completely transforming her as a hottie Samara and how in the same course also learns a lesson or two about true love of her long time lover PRG (Shah Rukh Khan) forms the rest of the plot.

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