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Chitram Movie DVD Online
Original title: Chitram
Category Telugu Movies
Year: 2000
Language: Telugu
Director: Teja
Uday Kiran, Reema Sen
Genre LoveStory
Quality DVD
Source MegaVideo, VideoBB
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Janaki(Reema Sen) along with her sister are USA returned NRI who want to join a college in AP. Janaki, the blue-eyed girl, puts up her stay with his uncle and procures the admission in the same college of Ramana. As Ramana and Janaki meet in the classroom, they could feel the inevitable fatal attraction towards each other.

They starts dating and share sweet nothings. One fine day when the family members of Ramaya away janaki happenes to come to Ramana house waering a saree. As she do not know how to wear saree, all does is to drape it around her slithe body. Ramana offers to teach her how to wear a saree. When an young boy and a sizzling babe who are infactuation happens to be in a abandoned house and if its raining out side, whatelse do you expect to happen other than the lustful stroke of Cupid's arrow.

6.67/10 ( 3 Votes )
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