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Chikku Bukku Movie Online
Original title: Chikku Bukku
Category Telugu Movies
Year: 2010
Language: Telugu
Director: Manikandan
Aarya, Shriya
Genre Drama
Quality Cam
Source FLV
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Arjun (Aarya) lives with his grandmother. Once, she asks him to go back to his home town in Karaikudi to reclaim his ancestral property. Anu (Shreya) is a modern, mischievous girl, who completed MBA in London and coming back to Madurai. At a point, Arjun and Anu meet at Bangalore airport. Their onward flight to Madurai gets canceled. But situation makes them to pretend like newly married couple so that they can travel on a canceled railway ticket to Madurai. Meanwhile, there is an interesting flashback during the journey as well. How they fall in love and what happens next forms an interesting climax.

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