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Chantabbai Movie Online
Original title: Chantabbai
Category Chiranjeevi Movies , Telugu Movies
Year: 1986
Language: Telugu
Director: Jandhyala
Chiranjeevi, Suhasini
Quality DVD
Source Veoh, MegaVideo, VideoBB
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Panduranga Rao (Chiru) is a private detective working under raavikondala rao.Their agency assists SI Soumitri in solving various cases. Suhasini is a telephone cleaner and Pandu has a crush on her.His attempts to woo her generate hilarious laughs. when she gets accused of murder, pandu comes to her rescue and finds that his boss is the killer and sends him to jail to become the proprietor of the agency.Jaggayya is a wealthy businessman who has a daughter(mucherla aruna) who refuses to get married since she was cheated by her lover. Jaggayya's health fails, with this in mind and he reveals that he had an affair before marriage and he had a son, whom he would like to get back before he dies. Suhasini and aruna are friends and suhasini advices her to give the job of finding her brother to Pandu. Pandu after some attempts brings chandramohan as the possible son of jaggayya and after some developments it is revealed in the last that Pandu is the actual son of Jaggayya

7.02/10 ( 43 Votes )
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