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Baava Movie Online
Original title: Baava
Category Telugu Movies
Year: 2010
Language: Telugu
Director: Rambabu
Siddharth, Pranitha, Rajendra Prasad
Genre Drama
Quality DVD
Source MegaVideo, VideoBB
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It is a typical rural love story between a baava and a maradalu with dose of sentiments. Veera Babu (Siddharth) and Varalakshmi (Pranitha) are childhood friends and classmates. Years later their adjoining villages are divided and they lost in touch with each other. She comes to their village again for studies and Veera Babu falls in love with her in the first sight. He tries all tricks to woo her. In the beginning she avoids his advances but reciprocates her love when she learns that he is her childhood friend. On the other hand, Veera Babu’s parents (Rajendra Prasad and Pavitra Lokesh) don’t care much that their son is neither studying nor working and give him free hand to roam around the village and romance the girls. One day, Varalakshmi’s parents fix an alliance with local boy (Samrat). So the worried lovers marry in a temple secretly. This sets motion for a new drama.

4.80/10 ( 10 Votes )
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