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Ayinda Leda Movie Online
Original title: Ayinda Leda
Category Telugu Movies
Year: 2005
Director: Bharat
Ali, Raksha, Kota Srinivasa Rao, Mallikarjuna Rao, Brahmanandam
Genre Comedy
Quality DVD Rip
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Ramu gets attracted to a girl named Alaka (Raksha). In order to get into her heart he tries many dirty tricks, which by themselves look silly. With the help of his grandmother he allows his dog bite her. He then pretends as a doctor and starts treatment for the dog bite. The process he adopts to befriend her is to give fourteen injections around her navel almost landing on her body. After failing in this method, he pretends as a savior of a bank, she is working for, from the attack of some deceits, which are none other than his own friends. Finally she yields to him. They are in love, now. But his father Koteswara Rao is doubtful of the genuinity of the love of a poor girl with a rich boy. So, he puts a condition to prove that it is lasting love between them, not lust. He asks them to go on honeymoon to a tourist town, stay in a single room, have sex and then comeback. He would then see how long that feeling of 'love' exists between them. His philosophy is that this so-called 'love' disappears the moment they make sex. Till then they crave for each other.

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