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10th Class Movie Online
Original title: 10th Class
Category Telugu Movies
Year: 2006
Language: Telugu
Director: Chandu
Bharath, Sunayana, Saranya, Surekha Vani, Krishna Bhagawan, Jayalalitha, Ashok Kumar, Sudarshan etc
Genre Love Story
Quality DVD
Source MegaVideo, VideoBB
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>Seenu (Bharath) loves Anjali (Saranya) in his school days. As Anjali becomes pregnant, because of Seenu (when they step into intermediate), both of them eventually elope from their respective places and get married. Seenu, whose qualification is just 10th standard finds it difficult to get a job. But with the help of the father of Anjali’s friend, he finds an opportunity to conceptualize and shoot an ad. That turns successful and he grows rich in a very short time. Anjali conceives and gives birth to two kids.But after a while, in an unfortunate accident, Seenu loses his wife and a kid. He decides to put an end to his life after putting his survived son in an orphanage. But a girl by name Sandhya (Sunayana) saves him. She also falls in love with him without knowing that he got married earlier. She likes his philanthropy and concern towards poor and needy. Finally, the truth gets revealed with the help of Seenu’s diary. Sandhya joins Seenu along with Anjali’s survived kid and there ends the film.

5.89/10 ( 9 Votes )
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